-70” with full HD Quality
-Simultaneous Writing
-User-Friendly SHARP Pen Software
-MFP Connectivity
-Handwriting Recognition
-SHARP Touch Viewing Software
-SHARP Display Connect
-Direct Bonding Technology for Smooth Touch and Clear
-Minimise Glare and Fingerprints
-User-Focused Design
-Built-in Speakers
-One-Touch Operability
-Webcam Mounts
-16-Hour Daily Operation


With the Sharp PN-80SC5/70SC5/60SC5 interactive touchscreen monitor, you have the ideal focal point for meetings, presentations, or lessons. Direct bonding technology makes the touchscreen feel and appear impressively natural to users and viewers. Smart and convenient SHARP Pen Software facilitates discussions and real-time information sharing. Thanks to multi-touch sensitivity, up to four people can write freely onscreen at the same time for effective and lively exchanges of opinions. And handy front-access buttons enable quick operation of common functions. With the PN-80SC5/70SC5/60SC5, it’s easy to create, learn, and share more effectively.
Available Sizes: 80″
Model Number: PN-80SC5