An Introduction

Apex is a Proudly South African, majority black-owned company that offers ICT products solutions and support across the country.

Our objective is to create the next generation of black industrialists in the ICT space, and we pride ourselves on our B-BBEE scorecard: 76% black owned, 41% black women owned, and 32% black youth owned, with a B-BBEE level that never drops below Level 2 in perpetuity and ownership that is always at 51% black owned.

It’s because of our strong focus on innovation and reliability that we’ve been awarded numerous large-impact contracts from both business and government sectors, one of which saw us reach 99% on-time delivery and 98% ‘up-time’, even in the most remote areas of South Africa.

Our partnership with Alviva Holdings Limited gives us access to an array of industry technologies, services and solutions from businesses within the group, including Pinnacle, Axiz and more.

This partnership – along with full warehousing and logistics functionality, three regional offices and 29 dealers across South Africa – means we’re able to fulfil our main promise: to deliver exceptional customer care to all our customers. We happily deliver, maintain and repair products, and offer technical support, within 24 hours. We work with you to understand your unique challenges, and only suggest solutions that will truly benefit you and your business.

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