A4 Printers

Lexmark delivers higher performance at lower cost

Whether your business fills a room or circles the globe, Lexmark offers the imaging solutions, technologies and services you need to succeed.

Monolaser Products

1M1140+ - Up to 38 ppm
2M1145 - Up to 42 ppm
3M3150 - Up to 47 ppm
4M5155 - Up to 52 ppm
5M5163 - Up to 60 ppm
6M5170 - Up to 66 ppm

Multifunction Monolaser Products

1XM1140 - Up to 38 ppm
2XM1145 - Up to 42 ppm
3XM9145 - Up to 45 ppm
4XM3150 - Up to 47 ppm
5XM7155 - Up to 52 ppm
6XM7155x - Up to 52 ppm
7XM9155 - Up to 55 ppm
8XM5163 - Up to 60 ppm
9XM7163 - Up to 60 ppm
10XM7163x - Up to 60 ppm
11XM9165 - Up to 65 ppm
12XM7170 - Up to 66 ppm
13XM7170x - Up to 66 ppm

Colourlaser Products

1C2132 - Up to 30 ppm
2C4150 - Up to 47 ppm
3C6160 - Up to 57 ppm

Multifunction Colourlaser Products

1XC2130 - Up to 30 ppm
2XC2132 - Up to 30 ppm
3XC4140 - Up to 38 ppm
4XC4150 - Up to 47 ppm
5XC6152de - Up to 50 ppm
6XC8155de - Up to 52 ppm
7XC8160de - Up to 57 ppm
8XS925de - Up to 30 ppm
9XS950de - Up to 45 ppm
10XS955de - Up to 55 ppm

A lasting impression

With a broad portfolio of computers, printers, mobile devices, solutions and services, our mission is to engineer experiences that amaze.

Mono Printers

1ES5112DN Mono Printer
2ES7131DNW Mono Printer

Multifunction Monolaser Products

1Mono Laser Jet Ent MFP M527f Printer
2Mono LaserJet Enterprise MFP M631dn Printer
3Mono LaserJet Enterprise MFP M632fht Printer
4Mono LaserJet Managed MFP M527dnm Printer
5Mono LJ Ent MFP M527f
6Mono LJ Ent MFP M631dn
7Mono LJ Ent MFP M632fht
8Mono LJ Pro MFP M521dw
9Mono PageWide Mngd MFP P57750dw
10HP PageWide Pro MFP 477dw Printer
11Mono PageWide Pro MFP 477dw
12Multifunction Mono LJ Managed MFP M527dn

Colourlaser Products

1HP Color LaserJet Ent M553dn Printer
2HP Color LJ Ent M553dn

Multifunction Colourlaser Products

1Color LJ Ent MFP M577f
2Color LJ Ent MFP M681f
3Colour HP PageWide Ent Color MFP 586dn Printer
4Colour Laser HP Color LaserJet Ent MFP M577f Printer
5Colour LaserJet Ent MFP M681f Printer
6Colour PageWide Ent Color MFP 586dn
7Colour PageWide Mngd Clr MFP E58650dn Printer
8Colour PageWide Mngd Clr MFP E58650dn
9Colour PageWide Mngd MFP P57750dw Printer


Complete control over print, copy, scan and fax..

A4 Mono Printers

1ES5112DN Mono Printer
2ES7131DNW Mono Printer

A4 Colour Printers

1ES5432DN Colour Printer
2ES5442DN Colour Printer

A4 Mono MFP's

1ES4192DN Mono MFP
2ES5162DN Mono MFP
3ES7170DN Mono MFP

A4 Colour MFP's

1ES5463DNW Colour MFP
2ES7480DN Colour MFP